Michael Gerson

Mental Strength Science Officer

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Michael worked for the United States Army from 2006 to 2014 where he designed and executed performance enhancement programs with some of the nation’s most elite warfighters. The primary focus of these programs was to train the mental skills necessary to elevate and sustain peak performance in rugged and high-risk environments. His primary responsibilities included providing mastery and group performance coaching along with comprehensive strength building strategies in the pursuit of personal and professional excellence. Michael has trained thousands of soldiers from various professional specialties including: Special Forces Operators, Snipers, Military Police, Combative Instructors, Drill Sergeants, Wounded Warriors, and many more.

Dr. Michael Gerson has worked with a diverse range of soldier-athlete-clinical populations in the field of performance, sport, military, health, and clinical psychology. Currently, Michael is an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University where he teaches graduate courses in Sport and Performance Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Contemplatives. Recently, he designed an 8-week Mindful Approaches to Performance curriculum for the Sport Psychology Department at JFKU. Through this program, his goal is to equip individuals and teams with a deeper and more extensive life and optimal skill set. He hopes to help people improve their performance in their areas of passion or profession as well as their overall well-being. From 2014-2017, Michael served as the Mental Skills Director for the Seattle Mariners, providing individual, small group, team, departmental, and organizational mental skills education, training, and application for performance excellence.


Michael earned his Doctoral Degree in Clinical and Sport Psychology from Argosy University in Phoenix, Arizona and holds a Master’s Degree in Health and Exercise from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. He played a variety of sports and earned a scholarship to play college baseball at a NAIA Division school in Nebraska. He was named an All-American twice and has played baseball in eight foreign countries. Michael has coached baseball at almost every level, from young children to the college and international ranks. Over the last 10 years, he has been engaged in training his own mind, heart, and spirit through daily meditation practices and recently has taken up Tai Chi.

During his free time, Michael enjoys camping, hiking, reading, exercising, cooking, traveling, and spending time with his family. He currently lives in Fremont, California with his partner of 5 years, Christina (The Comic) and their four children, Noah (The Helper), Zyana (The Artist), Chloe (The Chef), and little Max (Mr. Personality).

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Michael Gerson

  • Civilian
  • Master’s in Health and Exercise from Saint Mary’ College
  • Doctoral in Clinical and Sport Psychology from Argosy University
  • Fremont, CA

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