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Piers Kowalski

Social Science Officer

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As a Mental Performance Coach, Piers is dedicated to helping individuals and teams unlock their potential and thrive in stressful and demanding conditions. Working full-time for the United States Army over the last seven years, Piers has honed this craft by training civilians and soldiers from a wide range of high-stress occupations including: U.S. Army Ranger School candidates, nurses and doctors, law enforcement, and fire fighters.

Piers holds a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from California State University, Chico and is certified by the University of Pennsylvania as a Primary Instructor for the U.S. Army’s Master Resilience Training program. In addition to teaching the basic resilience course, Piers is also part of a small team responsible for training others to be Primary Instructors. Following a passion for helping people perform better under stress, Piers is also an adjunct instructor for the Pikes Peak Regional Law Enforcement Academy and teaches a class called Officer Mindset.

Driven by a personal philosophy of “be humble, be hungry”, Piers believes that growth is a never-ending process and that all of us have an innate desire to be better – in work, school, or athletics – to live better, be better leaders, or have better relationships.  Piers also believes that ‘better’ is always possible no matter how good we already are – that we all have some untouched, untapped potential.

Piers lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and enjoys trail running, competitive Ultimate frisbee, skiing, and spending time with Piers’ wife, kids, and dog.

Piers Kowalski

  • Civilian
  • Master’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology from California State University, Chico
  • Colorado Springs, CO




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