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Shelley Smith

Social Strength Science Officer

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Shelley Smith is the Social Strength Team lead for Mission Six Zero.

Areas of Expertise: Certified Professional Culture Curator, Talent Optimization Advisor,Business Consulting, everything Workplace Culture related from strategy to implementation, executive coaching, training and development, succession planning, everything ROI related and more.

Professional Experience: 7 years family owned business, 14 years Marriott International, 11 years hotel franchise as COO, 10 years as owner of Premier Rapport, Social Science Domain Team Lead for Mission Six Zero

Other Achievements:  Best-selling author of 5 books. VA State speaker for SHRM, HR Tampa, and numerous other conferences. 2019 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Recipient. Named 2017 Leading Ladies Inside Business.

  • Methodology and Systems created include:  A.C.C. System, Anatomy of Workplace Culture (AoWC), Employee Empathy Mapping (EEM), and I.M.P.A.C.T. leadership – more here
  • Expertise is everything Workplace Culture – all services fall under that umbrella with company culture in mind the entire time
  • ROI driven at all levels, at all times
  • Premier Rapport, Inc. was founded in 2009 – business consulting firm in VA, servicing clients both nationally and internationally
  • She has authored 5 books on various topics. Most recently in 2017, How to Avoid Culture Big Fat Failures and Brass Ovaries Own Yours
  • She has worked since the age of 11 as an entrepreneur and in her family owned businesses.
  • Shelley comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents owned a restaurant, auction house, and flea market. At one point, her dad told her “never work for anyone else.”
  • She will tell you it took her 25 more years to follow his advice, but, her journey working for other companies – most notably for Marriott International – is why she is able to effectively help companies of all sizes create a workplace that is successful and productive.
  • She has worked in every aspect of a company, so she understands various viewpoints first hand. To help companies succeed, Shelley focuses on the core – their company’s workplace culture. In today’s changing workplace with four – sometimes five – generations working together, her expertise is needed now more than ever to help companies as well as employees succeed.
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Shelley Smith


Cornell University Business School, Certification in Mergers and Acquisitions

Certified Professional Culture Curator, Certified in EQi 2.0 and EQ 360

Certified Talent Optimizer

Certified Predictive Index Behavioral and Cognitive Analyst

Newport News, VA





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