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Get inspired and learn from some of the most highly decorated combat veterans in the US military. Inspiring. Powerful. Game Changing.

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Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

As businesses consider future investments and trends that will be shaping the business environment, the Special Operations Forces community’s expertise and insights have never been more relevant. Mission Six Zero’s keynote presenters have dominated at the highest levels of the military and weigh in on how deliberately choosing discomfort will lead to success and more in dynamic, edge-of-your-seat presentations. Each speaker customizes their presentation to ensure relevancy to your organization and engages with your audience in a professional, entertaining manner.

Help Me Win

You want me to motivate you? I can only inspire you to motivate yourself. If you are looking for inspiring storytellers who can keep your audience entertained with a unique and insightful conversation that they haven’t heard elsewhere, you’ve come to the right place.

Jason B. A. Van CampMission Six Zero Founder
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The 12 Chapter Themes of Deliberate Discomfort

When you make the courageous decision to deliberately choose discomfort, you prove to yourself that you are no longer satisfied with the way things are and you won’t tolerate it any longer. You’re ready for change, for growth. You are ready to accept and embrace suffering because you want a better life for yourself, your family, and/or your business. What’s stopping you? Fear. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

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01. Trust

Trust is the essential currency for all high-performing individuals and teams. Getting comfortable with the process of earning and giving trust is a skill that is developed through intentional practice over time.  Jason Van Camp gets audiences engaged like few other speakers on the team with his unique delivery and storytelling ability.   Jason’s presentation sets the stage for all subsequent keynote presentations. 

Speaker: Jason Van Camp

02. Motivation

Motivation is an indispensable precursor to high performance. Unfortunately, motivation is often thought to be an individual personality trait that you have or you don’t. However, leader motivation style and the social context of the work environment are significant influences on individual motivation, performance, and organizational commitment. If done wrong, motivation can be thwarted. If done right, leaders and organizations can have a significantly stronger influence on motivation, well-being, and job satisfaction than commonly believed. 

Speaker:  Jason Van Camp

03. Flow

Research shows us that the more self-aware and attuned we are to our innermost values, beliefs, and purpose, the more likely we are to become happy and effective. This is a profound concept in the human performance world known as being in a state of flow. Flow research tells us that at minimum, three conditions must be met in order for us to move into flow: having clear goals, immediate and appropriate feedback, and proper balance of one’s skill level with how challenging the task is. Matt Chaney discusses his experiences finding flow state as a Green Beret commander, having earned the Silver Star and Purple Heart during combat operations.

Speaker: Matt Chaney

04. Attention

When we’re in control of our attention, our focus is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. These are the times when we’re “switched on” by being present, positive, and productive. This is the “real” version of your best self. In contrast, the fake version is when you’re distracted and your attention is directed toward negativity, criticism, comparison, and debilitative self-talk. It’s in these times that we lose control of our mind’s capabilities and attach ourselves to ineffective thoughts, emotions, and the uncontrollable, which keep us from a mission-focused mindscape. Green Beret Jeff Adams engages audiences with his gripping and unapologetically authentic combat experiences.

Speaker: Jeff Adams

05. Control

When chaos ensues, self-regulation and specifically emotional regulation must prevail. Whether you’re entrenched in the fog of war on the battlefield or you’re combating stress, uncertainty, or conflict in the workplace, it is the ability to efficiently identify and effectively manage emotional information that will build a foundation to help guide your thoughts and behaviors in an effort to influence an optimal outcome. The capacity to efficiently and effectively identify, assess, and manage emotional information is called emotional intelligence. Joe Serna talks about emotional dexterity, and the practices that he drew from to survive and thrive in uncertainty during combat operations.  

Speaker: Joe Serna

06. Self-Awareness

One does not have to train to the extreme, but you do have to practice the fundamentals day in and day out to be able to adapt to the stressors put before you. Get exposed to “little doses of venom” daily and learn about EDSOC – endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and cortisol. Rusty Whitt talks about the steps to developing your “base layers” of physical nutrition and toughness to develop a loyal corporate culture and fanatic customer base by leaning into your strengths and recognizing who you are first and foremost.

Speaker: Rusty Whitt

07. Culture

What is unacceptable in one society can be considered normal in others. Culture is made up of people—how each of us socializes, builds trust, influences, and negotiates through conflict with positive outcomes. Understanding who we are and how we all fit together to form a healthy trust of one another is essential to achieve results. Dan Quinn shares his incredibly emotional journey as a Green Beret commander in Afghanistan and taking a stand against the common practice of bacha bazi (child sex slavery). Dan talks about the steps to developing a loyal corporate culture by focusing on people instead of product.

Speaker: Dan Quinn

08. Creed

 A Creed states what a you as an individual will stand for and what you will do for yourself, your family, others, and country. It is simple, clear cut, and powerful. That is its strength. your personal creed will be a set of traits, beliefs, affirmations, and actions that you will commit to. Medal of Honor recipient talks about his experiences in combat, earning and receiving the Medal of Honor, and how his personal creed played a significant factor in his journey. A can’t-miss presentation for forward-thinking groups who want results, he shares practical strategies for leading change in a clear and actionable way that encourages buy in.

Speaker: Flo Groberg

09. Stress

Medal of Honor recipient, Leroy Petry’s story showcases the power and fortitude of the human spirit as the foundation for optimal human performance. Leroy maintained control under the most volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous circumstances by tapping into the power of the human spirit to make a choice. With nail-biting stories and thought-provoking insights, his presentation gets to the core of the dynamic relationship between managing stress and the huge, complex issues business leaders face.

Speaker: Leroy Petry

10. Compartmentalization

Joey Jones demonstrates an interrelated process that is key to self regulation, called compartmentalization. Compartmentalization is the ability to filter through conflicting values, thoughts, and emotions and focus on one priority task at a time in the performance moment. Getting comfortable with compartmentalization is a skill developed and refined through deliberate practice over time. Joey Jones, a former EOD Tech with the US Marines, lost both legs in Afghanistan and is now a analyst on Fox News. Joey pulls at the emotional heart strings of the audience, leaving them with not only a better understanding of compartmentalization but also empowered to bring new ideas and creativity back to their desks. 

Speaker: Joey Jones

11. Adaptation

Nate Boyer’s story represents the remarkable journey of a lost young man without purpose—through his transformation into a Green Beret, combat veteran, and sports icon. While he is celebrated for his achievements, it’s important to understand the mundanity of his excellence—the process behind the outcomes. The focus of this keynote is Nate’s ability to adapt, overcome, and improvise—how he adapted and pushed his body beyond its limits to achieve superhuman feats. Nate shares his experiences to explain adaptability and what risks you and your clients need to understand in order to thrive in uncertainty.  

Speaker: Nate Boyer

12. Analysis Paralysis

We live in a world where Information Overload is a given. This means we are at the mercy of overexposure, excessive consumption, and wildly abundant information and data. Those in leadership positions today think they are required to make perfect decisions because it seems as if all the information we need is readily available. Our quality of decisions is reduced by Analysis Paralysis. This situation occurs when the overthinking and overanalyzing of a situation causes decision-making and forward progress to come to a halt. Green Beret Brian Petit‘s stories and candor will captivate your executives. His insights as a Green Beret Colonel on multi-tasking, overcoming analysis paralysis, and achieving victory are priceless.

Speaker: Brian Petit


Our reputation is paramount to our success. In order to deliver an A+ performance, we must ensure that communication, preparation, and execution are professionally managed. To that end, each client engagement must account for the following:


  • Coordination and discussion with Hiring Point of Contact (POC) 
  • Invoice for keynote presentation submitted 
  • Invoice for Deliberate Discomfort *if requested 
  • Invoice for t-shirts *if requested 
  • Communication checks and information exchange via email, cell phone 
  • Finalize participant numbers, timing, venue location, and profile of the audience 
  • Finalize agenda 
  • Send Hiring POC written introduction for the person introducing speaker 


  • Test presentation and do a sound check 


  • Evaluation & feedback forms (online) for the audience 
  • Social Media support 
  • Book Signing 
  • SWAG *if requested 
  • Event photos distributed for social media and personal website 

  • Round Trip Airfare coordinated by the Hiring POC 
  • Transportation to/from the airport/hotel/venue 


  • Hotel/Lodging coordinated by Hiring POC 


  • Review floor plan and photos of the room 
  • Internet wifi access 


  •  AV support staff on hand 
  • Laptop 
  • USB 
  • Remote control or clicker for presentation 
  • Speakers: hand mic or lapel mic 
  • Cables/Adapters for computer adaptability 
  • Projector & White screen or TV for presentation 
  • Power strip and extension cord 
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